Agganis Arena

Architectural Facts

Arena Size

286,134 gross square feet total

Arena Levels

  • Main Level
    Lobby, Ticketing, Arena Management offices, and Athletic Department offices
  • Concourse Level 
    Arena concourse access to seating bowl, food concessions, Loge Suites, and the Francis D. Burke Club Room
  • Event Level
    Team Locker rooms, training spaces, event support spaces, back stage catering, star rooms, and maintenance facilities
  • Parking Levels
    Two levels of structured garage parking under the Event Level floor

Structural Facts

History and unique architecture of the Armory
  • 3,591 tons of steel
  • 4,943 total pieces of steel
  • 45,970 bolts
  • 8 bow-shaped steel arena roof trusses
  • Truss size
    22' high at midpoint x 212' at longest span weighing approximately 70 tons each
  • Truss highest point
    78'-10 1/2" top of top cord above concrete at event level
  • Truss lowest point
    55'-1 1/2" bottom of bottom cord above concrete at event level
  • Exterior brick quantity
  • Lightening protection system
    Two 21' attractor-type pole masts on arena dome roof

Design Features

The Site

The site consists of 10.19 acres overall including Agganis Arena, the Recreation Center, the 10 Buick Street Residence Halls, structured parking, and 2 acres of landscaped plaza and walkways.

The John Hancock Student Village project illustrates the history and unique architecture of the Armory, which was formerly located on this site. By incorporating façade elements such as shields and insignia into the Arena design along the Promenade and creating an interpretive display, the project honors and preserves the heritage of the Armory.

Arena Lobby

A large curved space at the south end of the Arena, the lobby fronts on Commonwealth Avenue and reflects the oval shape of the seating bowl with entry vestibules at the southwest and southeast ends. Interior Design Featuresfinishes feature a 5-color terrazzo floor, a 14' acoustical and metal panel ceiling, and a 100' long wood-paneled wall in unsteamed European Beech.

Arena Concourse

The oval-shaped concourse around the top of the seating bowl on level two is 17' wide with 10'-high perforated metal-panel ceilings, multi-colored vinyl composition tile flooring, painted stack bond masonry, and drywall wall surfaces with a series of horizontal reveal details. Private suite boxes varying in size are located around the interior seating bowl side of the concourse, and food concessions are located at the north, east, west and south ends.

Francis D. Burke Club Room

Located above the lobby at the south end of the Arena on the concourse level, the Club Room features carpet and terrazzo floors, wood-paneled walls in Unsteamed European Beech, and large inset multi-panel video screens for viewing events. A bar, private kitchen, and restroom facilities are also provided.


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