Video Title Call Number
Africa: Voyage of Discovery
with Basil Davidson MBT/MR Arts, 1984. Each segment is 56:00.

M, HS, Adult

The author of more than 30 books on Africa, Basil Davidson guides viewers through a comprehensive overview of African history, culture, and geography from ancient Africa to the present. The New York Times described this series as “stunning.”

“Exploring Geography Through African History”
Students in middle school are taught how Africa’s geography affects its history and economics.
IA FS 227
“Amandla!: A Revolution in Four Part Harmony” Trailer and (5) film clips for Carnegie Hall (2 Copies)
A documentary on the role of music in fighting apartheid in South Africa.
IA FS 225
“Zimbabwe International Book Fair”
(Note: video on NTSC format)
A short 15-minute video on the Zimbabwe International Book Fair of 1993.
IA FS 222
Cassette 1
Part One: Different But Equal

Examines the rise of ancient African kingdoms, especially Egypt and Nubia, and the origins of European racial prejudice towards Africa.

Part Two: Mastering a Continent

Examines how Africans in three societies have made a living from diverse and often hostile environments.

IA FS 65
Cassette 2
Part Three: Caravans of Gold

Traces the roots of the medieval gold trade from Africa to India, China, and Italy; focuses on the kingdoms of Ghana and Mali.

Part Four: Kings and Cities

Explores the functioning of traditional African kingdoms, with a focus on Kano in northern Nigeria.

IA FS 66
Cassette 3
Part Five: The Bible & the Gun

Deals briefly with the slave trade itself; focuses on explorers, missionaries, and colonizers.

Part Six: The Magnificent African Cake

Examines the European “Scramble for Africa.” Covers the conquest, the forms of colonial control, and the colonial extraction of wealth.

IA FS 67
Cassette 4
Part Seven: The Rise of Nationalism

Explores the struggle for independence in several African colonies, including the Gold Coast (Ghana), Kenya, Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), and the Belgian Congo.

Part Eight: The Legacy

Discusses the aftermath of colonial rule, and examines contemporary problems of independent African nations.

IA FS 68
*** African Music Program
An Epic of Old Mali. 1978. 1:58:00
Excerpts from the amateur black-and-white film of the performance of three griots at Williams College provide us with insight into this epic tale: part history, part legend. Retold by generations of griots, this epic is from the 13th century and captures all the mystery and majesty of medieval African kingship.
IA FS 88
The Africans
producer: Ali Mazrui, The Annenberg/CPB Collection. 1986. Each program is 60:00

HS, Adult

From the history of Egyptian pharaohs, matriarchal social systems, and the slave trade to contemporary political crises, Dr. Mazrui discusses African developments from the perspective of its triple heritage: its indigenous culture, Islam, and the impact of the West. Note: We own three of the nine videos in the series.

Program 4: Tools of Exploitation
This video traces the colonial economic legacy, the development of slavery and European control of Africa’s natural resources.
IA FS 139
Program 5: New Conflicts
This video examines urbanization, warrior tradition, European-created national boundaries, the Islamic jihad tradition and nationalist movements in Africa.
IA FS 140
Program 6: In Search of Stability
This video compares African military regimes, one-party states, Marxism in Mozambique and the different policies of the presidents of Tanzania and former Zaire.
IA FS 141
The Amistad Revolt
Producer: Andrea Haas Hubbell. 1995. 33:00.

M, HS, Adult

The true story of 53 Africans who, in the 1830s, revolted and seized the slave ship Amistad . Thwarted in their plans to return home, they were captured and charged with murder and piracy. They won their freedom through the courts.

IA FS 142
Producer: Imagery Films. 1989. 7:00

Song performed by Joan Baez.

M, HS, Adult

Combines still photos, cell animation, live action, and optical effects, all choreographed to the song “Asimbonanga”—to act as a reminder of the daily oppression faced by black South Africans.

IA FS 83
Biko: Breaking the Silence
Producers: O. Maruma, E. Spicer, R. Wickstead and M. Kaplan, 1988 52:00.

HS, Adult

Shows how student leader Steve Biko fostered the Black Consciousness Movement in South Africa and encouraged black South Africans to think of themselves as a people with a distinct identity and destiny.

IA FS 57
Corridors of Freedom
Producer: Ingrid Sinclair (UK), 1987. 52:00

HS, Adult

Examines how South Africa has tried to control the economies of its neighboring countries and how these countries have responded with their own efforts to develop independently.

IA FS 58
Family Across the Sea
1991 56:00 Producer: Tim Carrier. South Carolina Educational TV.

HS, Adult

Told as a historical and linguistic detective story. Traces the connections between the Gullah people, brought to South Carolina as slaves, and Sierra Leone. Powerfully shows the continuation of cultural ties through speech, songs, and culture.

IA FS 105
Generations of Resistance
Producer: The UN, 1980. 52:00

HS, Adult

A definitive history of South African resistance to white rule from Bambata’s Rebellion of 1906 to the uprisings of 1976.

IA FS 55
**Lumumba: La Mort Du Prophet (Death of a Prophet)
French w/subtitles. 69:00. Producer/Director Raoul Peck. France/Switzerland/Germany 1992


Patrice Lumumba, founder of the Congolese National Movement, is remembered in this film documenting the year 1960: from the Belgians’ promise to hold democratic elections to the murder of Prime Minister Lumumba. Through interviews with European journalists who covered 1960 and portrayed events from a European perspective, this powerful film juxtaposes photographs and newsreels from 1960 with contemporary footage.

IA FS 128
*** Nigeria
1984. 15:00 (transferred from filmstrip)


Provides an introductory overview of the history, geography, and politics of Nigeria.

IA FS 36
A Son of Africa: The Slave Narrative of Olaudah Equiano
Producer: Aimimage/BBC. 1996. 28:00.

M, HS (brief scene of bare breasts), Adult

Based on the first widely read slave autobiography from 1789, this video dramatically portrays Equiano’s life. Additional archival material and brief interviews with scholars such as Stuart Hall and Ian Duffield reveal the social and economic context of the 18th century slave trade.

IA FS 144
*** South Africa: the Dilemma of Apartheid
Close up with Rep. Howard Wolpe (D-MI), 1985.

Former chair of the House Subcommittee on Africa, Representative Howard Wolpe discusses apartheid.

IA FS 35
Spear of the Nation
Thames Television, BELBO, and NOVIB. 1986. 50:00

HS, Adult

History of resistance to apartheid by the African National Congress.

IA FS 59
*** Stop the Violence
Global Vision for the Africa Fund. 1992. 14:00

HS, Adult

Based on footage from “A Savage War of Peace” by Video News Service in South Africa.

IA FS 106
** Witness to Apartheid
California Newsreel. 1986. 56:00

HS, Adult
Tells the story of black children under apartheid and their detention and torture by South African security forces.

IA FS 31