African Studies Courses

Student Advising

Students are faced each semester with a long list of choices when it comes to African studies courses at Boston University, and balancing personal interests with academic progress may be difficult. The African Studies Center advisor can help you to sort through competing ideas about what might be best for you and your career and to make a decision. The advisor can also provide some basic insights about the way the African Studies Center works in regards to academic planning. For example, students considering taking an African language course for the first time may be confused by the designation “ARR” or “Arranged” in the course catalog. By making courses “arranged” at the beginning of each semester it maximizes the flexibility of scheduling so students from outside the College of Arts & Sciences, and sometimes from other campuses, are able to make arrangements with the instructor.

Are you taking a course that includes African studies content, and you don’t see it on this list? Click here to submit a request to petition a course towards your minor or certificate.

Spring 2022 Course List