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Land and the Mortgage Book Now Published

The BU ASC Working Group on Land Mortgage is pleased to report that the new book, Land and the Mortgage: History, Culture, Belonging, co-edited by Daivi Rodima-Taylor and Parker Shipton, was published in February 2022 by Berghahn Books. The mortgaging of land, a risky practice usually treated as just an economic and legal contract, has […]

Beyond Binaries: The Social Organization of Land Mortgage in the Global South

Daivi Rodima-Taylor and Stefan Dorondel Lending against real property is occurring in significant volumes globally. Homeownership remains a principal means of wealth creation for most Americans and Western Europeans. Mortgage is also an important part of land titling reforms that seek to enhance agricultural productivity and rural entrepreneurship in the Global South. The outcomes of […]

NEW: Land Mortgage Working Group’s Collaborative Research Report

  Boston University African Studies Center’s Land Mortgage Working Group introduces a collaborative research report “Mortgage across Cultures: Land, Finance, and Epistemology,” edited by Daivi Rodima-Taylor and Parker Shipton. The Working Group studies the novel potentials and challenges that surround land mortgage, aiming to achieve a human-centered view of expanding rural financialization. MORE

Interdisciplinary Workshop on Land Mortgage

By Daivi Rodima-Taylor The workshop “Mortgage across Cultures:  Land, Finance, & Epistemology” took place on April 14, 2016 at BU African Studies Center. The all-day workshop was funded by the BU Center for Finance, Law and Policy, and co-organized with the African Studies Center and the Anthropology Department.  The BU Working Group on Land Mortgage […]