Rutgers University Is Seeking To Sponsor an External Postdoctoral Associate (2023-2024) | Deadline: March 31, 2023

The Department of African, Middle Eastern and South Asian Languages and Literatures (AMESALL) is sponsoring an external Postdoctoral Associate for 2023-2024. The Postdoctoral Associate will receive a $50,000 salary, health benefits, and office space in the Rutgers Academic Building on the College Avenue campus. In addition to conducting research and organizing events during the course of the academic year, the Postdoctoral Associate will teach or co-teach one undergraduate course in AMESALL. All materials must be uploaded to the Rutgers hiring system by March 31, 2023. Please direct all inquiries about this search to Professor Ousseina Alidou (

 Project topic: Global Africa and The Humanities .

The Postdoctoral Associate will conduct research in her/his field, participate in academic activities of AMESALL, teach or co-teach one undergraduate course, and work with the directors in seeking ways to expand the scope of the humanities by galvanizing knowledge-practices that have been under-represented in the academic study of Africa and its Diaspora.


The Postdoctoral Associate will be required to participate in the teaching of the department’s signature course, Rhythms of Resistance: Global Hip Hop. At the center of the course’s concern, and with special focus on Africa, the Middle East and South Asia, will be questions of how hip hop is constituted in the global context of struggle, how it responds to the problem of violence and oppression on local and global scale, and how the quest for social justice produces radical modes of thinking in the popular space of global youth culture. 


Please submit a cover letter, CV, 3 letters of recommendation, a 250-400 word abstract of your research project, a research statement (no more than 4 single-spaced pages), a sample writing and a detailed proposal for an advanced undergraduate course that you would like to teach. 

All requirements for the Ph.D. must be completed by August 1, 2023.