Amharic speakers are invited to participate in a research study in the Linguistics Department.

A PhD student in the BU Linguistics Department is conducting a study in the Spring, and is looking for participants who are fluent, native speakers of Amharic, and also can read the Ge’ez script.¬†Participation will take place during scheduled times at the beginning of the Spring semester, likely in January and February (specific dates to be determined), in the BU Phonology Lab (621 Comm Ave, Room B07). ¬†Participants will come into the lab for one session, about 30-40 minutes in length, and will record a number of phrases in Amharic, for $20 compensation via electronic Amazon gift card.¬†

This study is not limited to BU students, and you can feel free to forward it to anyone you know.  If you or anyone that you know might be interested in participating, please contact Jackson Kellogg (, and he will follow up to determine eligibility.