Now Accepting 2023 FLAS Fellowship Applications

The ASC is now accepting applications for Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships for summer 2023 and the 2023-24 academic year!

This program supports undergraduate and graduate students who are engaging in the study of any of the several African languages taught at BU, which include Akan Twi, Amharic, Arabic, Igbo, Mandinka, Swahili, Wolof, Xhosa, and Zulu. It is a fantastic opportunity for students to study a language to a high level while defraying their education costs.

The ASC will be hosting a series of Information Sessions and Application Workshops to provide additional guidance and to answer questions about the application process.

Full details on the program, the information sessions, and the application can be accessed here. Proposals are due February 12, 2023.