ASC Publishes New Hausa Ajami Workbook for Public Health

The Boston University African Language Program is pleased to announced that it has published a new workbook in its growing series of Ajami teaching resourcesLittafin Koyan Hausa Ajami Don Lafiyar Al-Umma (Hausa Ajami Workbook for Public Health) by Dr. Mustapha Hashim Kurfi.

Hausa Ajami Workbook for Public Health


Dr. Kurfi is a Senior Lecturer at Bayero University in Kano, Nigeria, and earned his PhD in Sociology from Boston University in 2018. A Hausa native speaker, he has written extensively in Hausa language and Hausa Ajami, having served as a Senior Teaching Fellow at both Ohio University and BU during his graduate studies in the United States. As a leading scholar in Ajami and especially Hausa Ajami, he has contributed to the digitization of thousands of Ajami manuscripts hosted at the BU African Ajami Library and produced the previous Hausa workbook Jagoran Koyan Hausa Ajami a Aiwace (A Practical Guide to Learning Hausa Ajami) in 2017.

Mustapha Hashim Kurfi, Ph.D.

Hausa Ajami Workbook for Public Health offers twelve chapters spread over more than 200 pages that cover topics including childbirth, family health, hygiene, the body and environment, sexually transmitted infections, infectious diseases, and death. It emerged out of the collaboration of Dr. Kurfi with Professor Fallou Ngom, who has led the development of Ajami resources at BU as former Director of the ALP and the ASC, and Dr. Zoliswa Mali, current Director of the ALP. The ASC’s Assistant Director, Dr. Eric J. Schmidt, and BU graduate Jennifer Erem provided additional editorial support.

The workbook was developed with support of the Title VI National Resource Center program funded by the US Department of Education. The contents of the workbook do not necessarily represent the policy of the US Department of Education, and you should not assume assume endorsement by the Federal Government.

To purchase this book, contact Sandi McCann at The book sells for $15 and shipping by US Postal Service anywhere in the United States costs $5. If you are outside the United States, please provide your details to determine your shipping costs.