African Student Organization, Umoja & the African Language Program hosted over 100 students at annual dinner

Last Thursday, BU African Students Organization, BU Umoja and the African Language Program held their annual dinner last Thursday with over 100 students in attendance! Igbo Lecturer and ASO Advisor Nneka Agba helped the student groups organize the event. The leadership of each organizations and the instructors from the African Language Program each took turns introducing themselves.


Then students from Igbo, Swahili and Akan Twi were asked to shared why they started taking their language and their experiences with the classes.


Following the conversation, everyone was able to eat and play a variety of games including a round of Kahoot on African studies, a few rounds of musical chairs and dance competition. It was an amazing event and we hope to see even more students next year. A huge thank you to the BU Global House for sponsoring this event, and for allowing us to use their space!