Minor in African American Studies

Students and faculty on 2015 Spring Break Trip to Cuba.

The African American Studies program explores the African American experience in global and comparative perspective. Courses are designed to make students aware of the connections between Americans of African descent, other Americans, and global populations. Critical investigation of race, ethnicity, and other forms of collective identity is a central concern of the program.

The minor in African American Studies provides an introduction to the global study of the African American experience and to various forms of collective identity such as race and ethnicity. The minor requires six courses, completed with a grade of C or higher: CAS AA 371 African American History, CAS AA 591 Black Thought, CAS AA 408 Seminar:Ethnic, Race, and Minority Relations, and three additional courses in African American Studies.

CAS AA 100: Topics in African American Studies
CAS AA 103: Introduction to African American Literature
CAS AA 112: Black Power in the Classroom:The History of Black Studies
CAS AA113: Introduction to Antiracism
CAS AA 132: The Prison and Black Writing
CAS AA 200: Topics in African American Studies
CAS AA 207: Sociology of Race and Ethnicity
CAS AA 210: American Minstrelsy
CAS AA 215: Arts of Africa and Its Diaspora
CAS AA 234: African Americans in Global Perspective: Slavery and the Creation of Race
CAS AA270: SciFiRace Sex
CAS AA 296: Religion and Hip Hop Culture
CAS AA 300: Topics in African American Studies
CAS AA 303: African Americans and the Humanities
CAS AA 304: Introduction to African American Women Writers
CAS AA 305: Toni Morrison’s American Times
CAS AA 306E: Experiencing Cuba: History, Culture, and Politics (1 credit)
CAS AA 308: The Politics of Race and Ethnicity
CAS AA 309: African American History in Global and Comparative Perspective
CAS AA 310: History of the Civil Rights Movement
CAS AA 311: African American Religious History
CAS AA 313: The Politics and Policy of HBO’s The Wire
CAS AA 316: African Diaspora Arts in the Americas
CAS AA 319: Race and the Politics of Criminal Justice Policy
CAS AA 335: Sociology of Race, Class & Gender
CAS AA350: Resistance, Revolution, and Slavery in African American Literature
CAS AA 356: Religion in the Digital Age
CAS AA 363: Race in the Development of the American Economy: A Global Perspective
CAS AA 371: African American History
CAS AA 380: European Dimensions of the Black Diaspora
CAS AA 382: History of Religion in Pre-Colonial Africa
CAS AA 383: African Diaspora Religions
CAS AA 385: Atlantic History
CAS AA 388: Transnational Black Radicalism from the 19th Century to the Present
CAS AA 395: Power, Leadership, and Governance in Africa and the Caribbean
CAS AA 400: Topics in African American Studies
CAS AA 404: Seminar: The Family
CAS AA 408: Seminar: Ethnic, Race, and Minority Relations
CAS AA 415: Fictions of Race and Migration
CAS AA 420: African American and Asian American Women Writers
CAS AA 459: Reparations, Restitution, Restorative Justice for Slavery and Jim Crow Segregation: The Debate
CAS EN 477: Critical Studies: Diaspora
CAS AA 489: The African Diaspora in the Americas
CAS AA 490: Blacks and Asians: Encounters Through Time and Space
CAS AA 500: Topics in African American Studies
CAS AA 501: Topics in African American Literature
CAS AA 502: Topics in African American Literature
CAS AA 507: Literature of the Harlem Renaissance
CAS AA 514: Labor, Sexuality, and Resistance in the Afro-Atlantic World
CAS AA 517: Urban Politics and Policy
CAS AA 519: Inequality and American Politics
CAS AA 523: Race, Ethnicity and the History of Childhood in the U.S.
CAS AA 538: Studies in West Indian Literature: Caribbean Poetry
CAS AA 580: The History of Racial Thought
CAS AA 588: Women, Power, and Culture in Africa
CAS AA 590: The World and the West
CAS AA 591: Black Thought: Literary and Cultural Criticism in the African Diaspora

List of external courses accepted as an elective towards the Minor on African American Studies:

CFA courses
Department of Musicology and Ethnomusicology
CFA MH 403 Latinos Making Music in the United States
CFA MH 431 Topics in World Music: Music & Social Protest
CFA MH 432 Jazz Music
CFA MH 435 Music of Africa

CAS courses
CAS EC 325 The Economics of Poverty and Discrimination in the United States
CAS HI 339 A History of the Present: The United States since 1968
CAS PH 436 Gender, Race, and Science
CAS EN 483 Critical Studies in Literature and Ethnicity
CAS HI 505 The American South in History, Literature, and Film
CAS IR 510 Comparative Immigration and Racial Politics

For more information on becoming a minor in African American Studies, please contact Dr. Mary Anne Boelcskevy, Director of Undergraduate Studies by email mboelcsk@bu.edu or by phone at 617-358-1422.

Photo taken by an African American Studies minor student while on a program-funded trip to the Presidential Inauguration in November 2008.