When you arrived on campus, what was your specific passion or interest and how did BU helped develop it?

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When you arrived on campus, what was your specific passion or interest and how did BU help develop it?

Jeff Sagurton, Class of 2022

Jeff’s Answer: On the music side, there are tons of performance opportunities with the wind ensemble, the orchestra, and the percussion ensemble. BU’s percussion program has several graduate students, so I was able to build a really strong network with more experienced musicians who served as mentors.

From the entrepreneurial business side, I got involved with an app start-up that was formed with other BU students through the BUild Lab, BU’s student innovation center. And inside Questrom, there are tons of great professors who have helped me with career advice.

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Emma Jacobson, Class of 2022

Emma’s Answer: I am the first student at BU to combine Hospitality and Health Sciences through the Dual Degree Program. When I first brought it up to my advisors, I was encouraged even though it wasn’t something that they’d heard of before. My advisors have been great at working with me to achieve my goals, trying to mix the classes and see the best course load for me, but also just checking in, saying, “How’s it going? What can I do for you?” And since I have access to both Sargent College and School of Hospitality Administration resources, I also have a lot of professors I can reach out to for advice and support.

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Brandy Moser, Class of 2021

Brandy’s Answer: After working on a farm, I came to BU interested in agriculture and nutrition. Right away, I was able to participate in clubs focused on nutrition. Then I learned about some nutrition research projects here at BU and that started to develop my passion for nutrition with an academic perspective.

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