Jeffrey Lowe

Jeffrey Lowe said he was used to getting As in high school, but that ease eluded him when he first arrived on campus.

“The first few tests here were not fun,” the Tennessee native recalls. “I had to study for hours. But knowing that people had my back went a long way in helping me meet those early challenges.”

Through increased discipline, trial and error, and academic support from the Educational Resource Center, Jeffrey soon found his groove. Then he was off and running, taking on two concentrations, becoming a Dean’s Host, a member of the Black Business Student Association, and a fellow in Questrom Ascend, a leadership program.

“My professor helped put into my mind the idea of ‘the skills to pay the bills.’”

Today, that kid from high school seems like a distant memory, Jeffrey says. “In high school, I only looked at things from a one-sided perspective and my view was much narrower,” he recalls. “BU has helped me see things in multiple dimensions, not just academically, but in all parts of my life.”

Jeffrey credits his transformation to the deep connections he made on campus, both in and out of the classroom—from bonding with a Questrom professor and advisor who taught him “the skills to pay the bills” to a large-team business collaboration to discussions on how to increase diversity and inclusion on campus through his work at Questrom’s Center for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) office.

In fact, his path at the DEI center was laid before he even matriculated.

“When I was applying to BU and went to Admitted Students Day, I talked to the director of the DEI center and he asked, ‘Why do you want to come to Boston?’ I said, ‘I really want to meet new people and experience new cultures.’ And he said, ‘That sounds like someone I’d want to hire for my diversity office.’”

Jeffrey also found connections within BU’s Wandering Minds Theater Club, working on the tech crew. “It’s really fun. Theater gives people an outlet to express themselves. And especially the week before the performances, when you’re there every day, you get really close with the people you work with.”

Jeffrey’s evolution took yet another turn when he chose to become vegan after learning through sustainability initiatives on campus the impact of diet on the environment. “I decided to try to eat only plant-based meals. The dining halls list vegan options, so that was helpful. BU has really made me more mature, and I realize all of my actions have consequences. Now, when I do something, even buying laundry detergent, I’m always thinking, what are the hidden consequences?”

After graduation, Jeffrey will start a full-time position with Ernst & Young as a technology-risk consultant.