Jeff Sagurton

When he was applying to colleges, Jeff Sagurton worried his twin passions—music and entrepreneurship—were too unusual a pairing for any single school.But the New Jersey native found that not only did BU offer strong programs in both disciplines, but he could pursue each with equal fervor through a double major.

“One of the things that jumped out to me about BU is that if you present an idea to anyone here, you won’t hear ‘no’ for an answer,” Jeff says. “I had an amazing advisor, and we had to plan out every semester of my college career for the double major. It taught me to budget my time, manage a rigorous schedule, and be efficient.”

“One of the things that jumped out to me about BU is that they will never say ‘no’ to you about an idea.”

On campus, Jeff soon found himself surrounded by mentors and opportunities to challenge himself. He joined the Boston University Symphony Orchestra, Boston University Chamber Orchestra, and Boston University Wind Ensemble, and also began scoring freelance performance gigs around Boston and New England thanks to introductions from his BU professors. “I was able to build a really strong network with musicians who had much more experience than me, and I’ve learned to hold myself to a very high standard.”

Jeff Sagurton

At the Questrom School of Business, Jeff maintains those high standards and is a member of the Questrom Honors Program, which earned him the chance to explore business on the ground in Scandinavia. “Hands down, the experience of a lifetime. We were completely immersed in the cultures and learned so much just by visiting international companies. In addition, I really bonded with my fellow honors program students. To this day, they’re some of my closest friends because of that trip.”

These academic and professional experiences culminated perfectly to allow Jeff to fulfill his other passion: entrepreneurship. With the help of BU’s student innovation center, BUild Lab, Jeff helped launch a start-up app called BumpCall that digitally replicates the experience of bumping into one of your friends on the street. He credits Questrom’s Core Program with preparing him to tackle the venture, which, in part, had tasked him with developing a comprehensive business plan and working in a large, diverse team. “BumpCall is a business venture, but we have a cello performance major, a recent archaeology graduate, and a mechanical engineering major. It’s amazing to work with people from all these different disciplines, and it emphasizes one of the great things about BU, which is that everyone is super motivated, bright, passionate, well-rounded, and versatile regardless of their specific areas of study.”