Describe an experience where you collaborated with others from different academic disciplines.

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Describe an experience where you collaborated with others from different academic disciplines.

Jeffrey Lowe, Class of 2022

Jeffrey’s Answer: In Questrom, usually junior year, there’s a program called Core (Questrom’s Cross Functional Core Project). It’s a whole semester, four related classes, and a final project that requires students to create a product or service and write a business plan on how they’re going to implement it. It’s like the magnum opus of Questrom. You’re in teams of 9 to 10 people.That was definitely very challenging, but very interesting. Having experience with a big team is really important. A lot of Questrom courses have teams, but they’re usually three to five people. So, with nine people it was a lot more coordination and cooperation.The professor gives more work, so you have to divide up the assignments and work together. My team had five people from the United States, and the other four were from different countries. It was really interesting to see how they worked and how they communicated. We split up into different sub-teams: marketing, operations. But you had to be careful not to let yourself get siloed. l learned a lot from the experience.

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Jeff Sagurton, Class of 2022

Jeff’s Answer: The app start-up BumpCall, which digitally replicates the experience of bumping into one of your friends on the street. It’s a business venture through the BUild Lab, and we have a cello performance major, a recent archaeology graduate, and a mechanical engineering major. Not the first group of people you’d think of when you’re talking about a start-up, but it emphasizes one of the great things about BU, which is that everyone is just super motivated, bright, passionate, versatile, and well-rounded regardless of their specific areas of study.

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Dena Ciampi, Class of 2022

Dena’s Answer: At CGS, during our sophomore year, we work in groups on a Capstone project. There were six of us working on a project about US–China trade relations. We were all coming from different majors: environmental policy, communications, political science. It made for incredibly enriching discussions. We might never have met if we weren’t taking those CGS classes.

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