Brandy Moser

For senior Brandy Moser, it all started her freshman year when she hit “send” on an email to a BU graduate school professor she didn’t know. Even though Brandy was a biochemistry major at the College of Arts & Sciences, she was passionate about agriculture and nutrition, having grown up on a small farm in northeastern Pennsylvania. She had quickly found some clubs on campus, which led to her discovery of the research and classes taking place at the College of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences: Sargent College. And that’s when she composed that email to Professor Paula Quatromoni, inquiring about her work in sports nutrition and eating disorders among athletes.

“I was nowhere near becoming a nutrition major and wasn’t even in Sargent, I was just interested in her research,” Brandy recalled. “But Dr. Quatromoni responded within 20 minutes. She had no idea who I was and sent me back this long email about her work, asking me questions. In fact, later, after I took a few classes, it was the professors in the nutrition department who said, ‘Have you thought of a dual degree?’”

“I was able to take a number of graduate-level courses throughout my time at BU.”

Brandy Moser

Brandy’s bold approach not only led to a second major, and a lifelong mentor in Professor Quatromoni, but a study abroad opportunity in Italy and a practicum in a nutrition research lab on aging. Brandy will graduate this year with degrees in biochemistry & molecular biology as well as nutrition science, and a minor in public health. She’s attending a dietetics graduate program on a full scholarship this fall and credits BU’s rigorous yet fluid approach to academics and research, as well as campus life, with helping her grow as a student and a person.

“At BU, everything is interdisciplinary and nothing is single-focus,” she says. “I’ve seen that trickle through my entire college experience, how you’re always thinking and working through other perspectives.”