Intramural & Club Sports

BU’s 32 Club Sports range from badminton to water polo. From informal play to expert instruction and intercollegiate competition. They offer you a chance to grow, enrich your educational experience and—by the way—have a lot of fun.

Some Club Sports are recreational, and some can involve regular practice and a substantial time commitment. There are men’s, women’s and coed teams, and they are open only to full-time undergraduate and full-time graduate students. For more information and a complete list, go to Club Sports, or check out the program on Facebook.

Intramural Sports are big—very big at BU. Every semester, more than 7,000 students participate in 15 different sports. Competition is informal but structured. Men’s, women’s, and coed teams are offered, usually made up of groups of friends from residence floors, academic departments or other student groups. Faculty and staff join in, too, which makes the action even more appealing to undergrads. There’s nothing as satisfying, they say, as spiking a volleyball against a faculty team from your own school or college.

Our signature intramural sport is ice broomball. Think of it as ice hockey with no skates and a broom for a stick. A lot of BU students think of it as the most fun you can have on ice!