Sports & Fitness

BU students like plenty of options, and sporting activities are no exception. With 24 varsity teams and more than 40 intramural and club sports, you’ll find plenty of action, whether you want to get involved on or off the field.

Our biggest claims to national sports fame are in varsity hockey, both rink and field. The BU Men’s Hockey team is often in the running, or skating, for the NCAA title. Our Women’s Field Hockey team boasts several All-Americans.

Club sports at BU range from informal play to tournament competition. Unlike varsity sports, clubs are responsible for their expenses, which they meet through member dues and organized events.

If you want to work out and meet other people without a commitment to team sports, you’ll love facilities like our Fitness & Recreation Center. It has more than six acres of workout space, including a climbing wall, game courts and an aquatic center. The FitRec Center offers more than 400 credit and non-credit classes. It’s also the home of our intramural and club sports teams.

What’s black and white and follows scarlet all over?

We call our teams the Terriers (Boston Terriers, of course). Our colors are scarlet and white. And our official mascot? A tough, tenacious, black and white Boston Terrier we named Rhett, because nobody loved Scarlett more. (If you don’t get it, take a week off and read Gone With the Wind.)

In the BU tradition of being doers and not merely watchers, even our fans tend to get very—uh, involved. At every game, you’re sure to see and hear the BU Dog Pound, a devoted group of fans whose mission is to “hound” opposing teams. Dog Pound members get their own private sections at basketball and hockey games, discounts on concessions, and more.

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