Student Residences

How much you get out of Boston University will depend on how much you get into. And the way to get involved in the best of BU is to live on campus—right in the center of it all. In fact, freshmen are required to live on campus to get the most out of their BU experience.

If you’d like to stay on campus after your first year, here’s good news: BU Housing guarantees University housing for four years. The range of options may surprise you. We have modern high-rises and 19th-century brownstones…dormitories and apartments…6-person suites and private singles.

Most freshmen opt for one of the 10 large residences, both for the convenience and the ease of making friends. For instance, at Warren Towers, the largest dorm-style residence, you’ll have 1,800 other students to meet plus everything from a convenience store to a cinema room. You could develop a lifelong friendship with your roommate from Indonesia. Find the perfect bass guitarist for your band in the music practice room. Join your floor’s intramural soccer team or discover a love for archaeology from your faculty-in-residence.

The majority of residences are coed. In most cases, men and women live on separate floors or in separate sections of the same floor with separate bath facilities. But if you prefer, you can also choose housing exclusively for men or women.

Take a look at some of the places you might live on campus

  • South Campus

    South Campus
  • Student Village

    Student Village
  • Towers and Bay State Road Brownstones

    Towers and Bay State Road Brownstones
  • Warren Towers

    Warren Towers
  • West Campus

    West Campus

Specialty Residences

Maybe you’re thinking the convenience of a large residence sounds great, but you’d feel more comfortable in a smaller community. Say you want to live with other Fine Arts majors. Or other students who speak Chinese.

BU has another option: specialty floors. These are specific floors within larger dorms for students with similar academic or cultural interests. We also have specialty residence houses for those who prefer a smaller dorm-style residence.