Getting Around Campus

The BU campus isn’t very wide but it’s nearly two miles long. That means you’ll get lots of great exercise going to your classes. But when you’re on a tight schedule, you’ll probably want to use some auxiliary form of transportation.

Here are the ways our students typically get around campus:

  • Bikes and roller blades are perfect in the spring and fall. Heartier souls use them in winter too. You’ll find bike racks all over campus and bike rooms in residences.
  • The Boston University Shuttle (The BUS) runs through and between the Charles River and Medical Campuses. Best of all, it’s free. See schedules and stops.
  • The “T” is Boston’s subway/trolley mass transit system. We have six handy T stops along our campus on Commonwealth Avenue, three of which are even named for us. Check out “A Beginner’s Guide to the T” for more details.
  • Even with all these options, good old feet are still our primary means of transportation. Walking from one end of campus to the other doesn’t take that long, and you’ll probably bump into friends along the way.

Getting Home

It’s easy to get to BU and home again. Logan International Airport is minutes from campus and serves all major carriers. Check out the other means of getting to and from Boston: