City of Boston

If we could pick one city as the setting for an ideal university experience, it would be Boston. And lucky you, that’s exactly the city you get when you attend BU.

Yes, it’s possible we’re slightly biased. But consider the cultural and intellectual landscape. The wonderful museums in Boston and Cambridge. The inspiring Freedom Trail walking tour. The vibrant art, music, theater and literary communities. The Boston Public Library, oldest in the nation and a favorite study spot for BU students. The countless historical buildings—more than any other city in America.

Consider the world-famous scientific and medical communities, offering invaluable interactions with our students through internships and research projects. Boston offers hundreds of internship positions not only in lab sciences and medicine but also in advertising and public relations, the hospitality field, art history, government, physical therapy, finance and many other disciplines. There are so many opportunities available to you—the hardest part will be choosing one.

Think of the legacy of social and political activism in and around Boston, from John Adams to Henry David Thoreau to BU alumnus Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Think of Fenway Park.

Boston is one of a kind. It’s small enough to feel like a community—one that embraces the University as a major source of pride and not just a footnote. Yet it’s big enough to offer endless sources of intellectual stimulation, diversity and first-rate entertainment. Best of all, when you’re a student at BU, all of Boston is as close as jumping on the T. (Which, by the way, opened in 1897 as the first subway system in the Western Hemisphere.)

With more than 250,000 college students, it’s no wonder Boston has become “America’s College Town.” And there’s no place in the world we’d rather be.

Boston Attractions

We can’t possibly list them all, but here’s a small sample of our favorites:

For more information, as well as links to Boston attractions and websites, please visit our Arts & Culture website.