Tips From International Students

For any freshman, college is an adjustment. But it’s especially true for international students who must adapt to a new culture and, in some instances, a new language, all while finding their way around campus and learning to live in an unfamiliar city. To help the newest members of our international student body make the most of their college experience, Boston University reached out to more than a dozen international students who are upperclassmen. In the segments below, they reflect on their own experiences and share some suggestions for settling in.

Sangeeta Satish
Sangeeta Satish (ENG)
Gurgaon, India
Enze Yan
Enze Yan (CAS)
Beijing, China
Kelvin Madzongwe
Kelvin Madzongwe (COM)
Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
Elettra Fucelli
Elettra Fucelli (CAS)
Modena, Italy
Tuaha Mubarak
Tuaha Mubarak (Questrom)
Lahore, Pakistan
Chrissie Chinebuah
Chrissie Chinebuah (CAS)
Accra, Ghana
Tanya Grueneberger
Tanya Grueneberger (CFA)
Bangkok, Thailand
Dominique Badji
Dominique Badji (CAS)
Dakar, Senegal
Jessica Allan
Jessica Allan (CAS)
Newcastle, England
Alejandro Eguren
Alejandro Eguren (ENG)
Panama City, Panama
Rodrigo Bonilla
Rodrigo Bonilla (CAS)
Quezon City, Philippines
Ritika Shah
Ritika Shah (CAS, COM)
Bombay, India
Anar Alshanbayeva
Anar Alshanbayeva (CAS)
Astana, Kazakhstan