Welcome Class of 2028!

You might find yourself sitting next to a classmate who:

    • Climbed Mount Kilimanjaro
    • Volunteered at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Turtle Research Program
    • Sang for Pope Francis
    • Is a New York Times puzzle creator
    • Acted on the Netflix show Cobra Kai
    • Found a 35-million-year-old mammal jaw fossil
    • Was named in People Magazine’s “Top 10 Girls Changing the World” for assisting with over 2,000 vaccine appointments in five states, creating national impact
    • Is a nationally ranked ballroom dancer
    • Wrote Python code to track local COVID rates
    • Co-founded Mankousu, a fast-food hamburger and fried chicken restaurant chain in China
    • Interned at the French Senate
    • Is a published author
    • Researched neurodegeneration in Alzheimer’s disease at the Bio-Imaging and Informatics Lab
    • Plays for the U19 Brazilian National Basketball Team
    • Interned at NASA
    • Is the CEO of a non-profit organization called Sonas to America that sells ethical handmade products from Cambodia to the US, and has returned $25,000 to the craftspeople in Cambodia
    • Set three world speed records and two North American speed records for Rubik’s Cube solving
    • Researched cancer at Boston Children’s Hospital
    • Performed at the Barcelona Music Festival
    • Launched a tutoring business in India offering over 500 classes
    • Participated in the U19 European and World Championships 2023 and was selected as a member of the Italian national rowing team

    Ways to Connect

    Geographic profile

    • Students represent all 50 states (plus Puerto Rico, the District of Columbia, and U.S. Virgin Islands)
    • They come from 122 countries around the world
    • Boston is one of the top destinations in the US for international students to study
    • Our global community is a key feature of the BU experience in our classrooms and residences