Alumni Stories

Pulitzer Prize winners

Three Alums Win Pulitzer Prizes

Tyler Hicks (COM), Journalism; Kimbriell Kelly (COM), Journalism; and Jessica Rinaldi (CGS/COM), Journalism

Mariana Ferreira and Rachel Geicke

Don’t Call It Ice Cream

Mariana Ferreira (Questrom), Business Administration, and Rachel Geicke (SHA), Hospitality Administration

Julianne Moore

More on Moore

Julianne Moore (CFA), Acting, and Gael Towey (CFA), Graphic Design

Bob Hines

ENG Alum Bob Hines Is NASA Astronaut Candidate

Bob Hines (ENG), Aerospace Engineering

Bonnie Hammer

BU Alum Named Most Powerful Woman in Hollywood

Bonnie Hammer (CGS, COM, Wheelock), Public Relations, Education Media & Technology (Master’s Degree)

Paul Beatty

Man Booker Prize Goes to Paul Beatty

Paul Beatty (CAS, GRS), Psychology

Analjit Singh

Questrom Changemaker Recognized for Leading With Heart

Analjit Singh (Questrom), Business Administration

Chiemi Karasawa

Capturing a Broadway Legend on Film

Chiemi Karasawa (COM), Broadcasting & Film

Denise Miller


Denise Miller (ENG), Mechanical Engineering

Thomas Insel

The Science Guy

Thomas Insel (CAS, MED), English

Uzo Aduba

Crazy Good

 Uzo Aduba (CFA), Music (Performance)

Camilla Fox

Coyote Woman

Camilla Fox (CAS), English

Noreen Grice

The Woman with the Groundbreaking Mind

Ruth A. MacFarlane Hunter (ENG, GSM), Aeronautical Engineering, Business Administration & Management (Master’s Degree)

Michael Ivins

Boston Red Sox, Behind the Lens

Michael Ivins (CGS, COM), Journalism


Putting Engineering Know-How to Work

Manny Malandrakis (ENG), Electrical Engineering, and Daniel Ryan (ENG), Electrical Engineering

Maureen Downey

Cons and the Connoisseur

Maureen Downey (SHA), Hospitality Administration

Yosef Abramowitz and Susan Silverman

Civil Disobedience: A Love Story

Yosef Abramowitz (CAS), Jewish Public Policy, and Susan Silverman (CAS), Psychology

Harry Agganis

Icons Among Us: The Golden Greek

Harry Agganis (Wheelock)

Mike Felger

Talking Sports with Mike Felger

Mike Felger (COM), Journalism

Brendan Powell Smith


Brendan Powell Smith (CAS), Philosophy & Religion

Nancy Bennett

Under the High-Tech Big Top

Nancy Bennett (CFA, COM), Brass Performance, Film (Master’s Degree)


Giving Voice Where There Is None

Nick Dougherty, Eric Hsiao, and Gregory Zoeller (ENG), Computer Engineering

Kerri Furbush

Learning on Her Feet

Kerri Furbush (Wheelock), Math Education

Tess Davis

Returning Duryodhana

Tess Davis (CAS), Archaeology

Brian Tran

Professional Gamer

Brian Tran (COM), Advertising

Noreen Grice

“Seeing” Stars

Noreen Grice (CAS), Astronomy

Nao Valentino

A Policy of Unity

Nao Valentino (Questrom), Business Administration and Management

Jason Alexander

Seinfeld’s Costanza Gives Master Class in Acting at CFA

Jason Alexander (CFA), Acting

Chris Park

Bionic Men

Chris Park (ENG), Mechanical Engineering

Roberto Mighty

Making Art Among the Dead

Roberto Mighty (CAS), History

Forbes 30 Under 30

Five Alums, BU Academy Graduate on Forbes “30 Under 30” Lists

Raphael Arar (CAS), Music; Louise Baigelman (Wheelock), Curriculum and Instruction; Emilia Javorsky (SPH), Health Policy & Management; Evan Puschak (COM), Film & Television; and Niko Skievaski (GRS), Economics

Ellie Anbinder

One Question About Breast Cancer: Why?

Ellie Anbinder (Wheelock), Elementary Education

Katherine French

CAS Alum Bags a Marshall Scholarship

Katherine French (CAS, GRS), Archaeology, Religion (Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree)

Top Chefs

Top Chefs

Peter Brett (CFA), Graphic Design; Rocco DiSpirito (SHA), Hotel & Food Administration; Geoff Gardner (SHA), Hospitality Administration; and Gordon Hamersley (CGS, Wheelock), Secondary Education

Christian Roman

Sketchy Characters

Christian Roman (CFA), Painting

Theodore Lockhart

The Poet Preacher

Theodore Lockhart (CAS, STH), Philosophy and Religion, Sacred Theology (Master’s Degree)

Peter McNerney

Renaissance Man

Peter McNerney (ENG), Computer Systems Engineering, Electrical Engineering (Master’s Degree)

Kaylee Dougherty

The Art of Creating Artificial Eyes and Facial Prosthetics

Kaylee Dougherty (CFA), Sculpture

Cynthia Cordes


Cynthia Cordes (COM), Journalism

Gemma Acheampong

Sprinting Her Way to Rio

Gemma Acheampong (CAS), English

John Holland

Former BU Hoops Star Signed by Celtics

John Holland (CGS, COM), Public Relations

Fran Brill

A Head Full of Dreams and a Trunkful of Puppets

Fran Brill (CFA), Dramatic Arts

Rina Stone

Storytelling in Style

Rina Stone (COM), Magazine Journalism

Matt Trevithick

Rowing to Kabul

Matt Trevithick (CGS, CAS), International Relations


Taste Makers

Lisa Grimm (CAS), Archaeological Studies; Al Marzi (COM), Communications; Garrett Oliver (CGS, COM), Broadcasting and Film; Helder Pimentel (CGS, Questrom), Business Administration and Management; Erica Shea (CGS, COM), Film & Television; and Stephen Valand (CAS, COM), Political Science, Film & Television

Liz Della Croce

Where Are They Now?

Liz Della Croce (SHA), Hospitality Administration

Cornell William Brooks

The NAACP Is Not Done

Cornell William Brooks (STH/Hon.), Philosophy, Theology and Ethics

Brian Ditchfield

Movie Nights on the Vineyard

Brian Ditchfield (CFA), Theatre Arts

Marc Albanese

Vision Quest

Marc Albanese (ENG), Biomedical Engineering, Electrical Engineering (Master’s Degree)

Joe Bagley

Secrets of the Three Cranes Tavern

Joe Bagley (CAS), Archaeology

Shannon Varney

Veterans Up and Running

Shannon Varney (CGS, Questrom), Business Administration and Management

Lodrina Cherne

The Cybersleuth

Lodrina Cherne (CGS, CAS), Computer Science

Jon Thornton

Parking Made Easy

Jon Thornton (ENG), Electrical Engineering