Career Advancement

Career Advancement

BU Center for Career Development

The University has excellent resources to support career development. Never written a resume? Need to punch up your cover letter? Unsure about your interview outfit? At the Center For Career Development online resources, workshops and programs, and seasoned counselors can help guide you. From networking to job opportunities to salary negotiations, their mission is to help you grow your professional life.

ERM Career Explorer

Visit the Career Insights tool to explore jobs that may be the right fit for you.

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Jobs Examples

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Preparing Yourself for a Job Search

ERM students should consider career preparation to be important activity during their time at MET. The following videos offer advice to those who are or will soon be looking for an ERM/BCM position:

  • Students should consider creating a portfolio that highlight your skills and accomplishments

  • Students should get involved with ERM/BCM professional societies before they graduate