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ADR100 is a non-credit lab meant to serve one primary purpose – to build your familiarity with the R language and programming environment. It is free to all BU MET students.

Completion of ADR100 is required for AD571: Business Analytics Foundations. It may also be listed as a co-requisite for other courses in the Administrative Sciences programs – check with individual course instructors for specific details.

How ADR100 will help you succeed

By completing the ADR100 lab, you will:

  • Engage with your Faculty
  • Achieve the basic familiarity with R you will need to be “Day 1 Ready” for any course that uses this statistical programming language
  • Attain an ADR100 badge, which is useful at BU and beyond
  • Successful completion will lead to automatic enrollment in ADR200

Self-paced or Instructor-led

ADR100 is available in both a Self-Paced Lab (SPL) and an Instructor-Led format. During the Spring and Fall Semesters, the SPL allows students to complete the lab independently, using the course resources in order to prepare for the four end-of-unit tests.

In both Summer I and Summer II, ADR100 features two live sessions each week, featuring hands-on coding demonstrations, interactive Q&A, and opportunities to explore statistical topics in greater depth.

The Scenic Route or the Fast Lane

For students who wish to deeply explore the lab’s available resources, there are ample opportunities to do so within the ADR100 Blackboard page. These include live session recordings from previous instructor-led iterations, recommended additional material to explore from the “Resources” link in Blackboard, and the many .R scripts to download from the “Discussions” area. In Summer I and Summer II, the aforementioned live classroom sessions offer a valuable additional resource for students who wish to get the most out of this lab.

Students who are already quite familiar with R can earn their badge by completing all four end-of-unit tests, earning a score of 60% or higher on each, with a 70% or higher cumulative average. These tests can be retaken.

Students who earn their badges will retain access to all the lab material throughout their time at BU.

Still have questions?

How to Register and Access ADR100

The Self-Paced and Instructor-led laboratories are only available if you have a BU identification number and email address. There are three ways in which you can access the lab:

ADR100 Curriculum