Graduate Certificate in Program Planning, Management, Monitoring & Evaluation

The Program Planning, Management, Monitoring & Evaluation (P-PMME) graduate certificate program prepares individuals to engage in interrelated skills and competencies that anchor the design, delivery, oversight, and evaluation of a wide array of educational programs. Settings can be very diverse, including but not limited to:

  • Public and private elementary and secondary education
  • Higher education
  • Non-formal education in community agencies
  • Informal education in museums, parks, camps, and other recreational settings
  • Training in business and industry
  • Distance learning
  • Educational and entertainment media and technology
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Public health agencies
  • Community mental health agencies
  • Health and fitness centers
  • The criminal justice system

The certificate equips individuals with conceptual frameworks, technical skills, and supervised, project-based learning. Students come to the certificate program with one or more candidates for program evaluation in mind. Class members consider objectives of their programs, the stakeholders in each context, management and leadership skills needed to optimize program delivery, and the kinds of information and evidence that can be marshalled to monitor program delivery.

Coursework (Total Credits: 16)

The program consists of four 4-credit courses. Students are to select one course from each of the following areas:

Program Planning

  • SED AP 662 Strategic Planning and Implementation (4 cr)
  • SED AP 761 Organizational Analysis (4 cr)
  • SED AP 763 Community Analysis (4 cr)

Program Management

  • SED AP 720 Performance-Based Instructional Leadership (4 cr)
  • SED AP 758 School Governance, Finance, and Operations (4 cr)
  • QST OB 712 Leading Organizations and People (3 cr)
  • MET AD 647 Program and Project Management (online) (4 cr)

Program Monitoring

  • SED RS 653 Quantitative Research Methods (4 cr)
  • GRS MA 614 Statistical Methods II (4 cr)
  • GRS MS 684 Multivariate Analysis (4 cr)
  • GRS MA 685 Advanced Topics in Applied Statistical Analysis (4 cr)
  • GRS PO 841 Quantitative Research Methods (4 cr)
  • COM CM 724 Sampling Design and Measurement Techniques (4 cr)
  • MET UA 703 Urban Research Methods (4 cr)
  • COM CM 722 Communication Research (4 cr)

Program Evaluation

  • SED RS 751 Program Evaluation (4 cr)