Minor in Emotional and Behavioral Challenges in Schools

The minor in Emotional and Behavioral Challenges in Schools includes introductory courses and fieldwork focused on student mental health and school-based behavioral health services. Students who might select this minor include Elementary and Secondary Education Wheelock majors, CAS majors in disciplines such as Psychology and Sociology, and SAR students majoring in Behavior and Health. Understanding the school experiences of youth is helpful for many students interested in pursuing careers that involve working with children with behavioral health challenges. Eight additional elective credits can be selected from courses focused on families and children at risk, developmental psychopathology, and behavior management.

Core Courses (14 credits)

  • SE 250 Disability Education and Public Policy (4 cr)
  • SE 502 Introduction to Emotional Disturbance (4 cr)
  • SE 535 Introduction to Autism (2 cr)
  • SE 534 Classroom and Behavior Management (2 cr)
  • SE 315 Fieldwork (this will focus specifically on students with EBD) (2 cr)

Elective Courses (8 credits)

  • SE 533 Families of Children with Disabilities (4 cr)
  • CE 500 Introduction to Counseling (4 cr)
  • SE 650 Children at Risk (4 cr)
  • SE 435 Assessment and Instruction of Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (4 cr)
  • CAS PS 475 Counseling: Theory and Listening Techniques (2 cr)
  • CAS PS 434 Principles of Behavior Management (4 cr)
  • CAS PS 472 Family Violence: Theories and Research (4 cr)
  • CAS PS 550 Childhood Adversity: Risk and Resilience (4 cr)
  • CAS PS 549 Developmental Psychopathology (4 cr)