Sermon Studio

STH TC 808

This class will be conducted like a studio class in theatrical performance where students are encouraged to take risks, be creative, and get immediate and interactive feedback on their work. While the sermon is not a performance piece, we deliver sermons to a culture that demands performance quality work from professional orators. Therefore, as preachers, we must approach the sermon with diligence, earnestness, and willingness to rigorously practice the craft. The Sermon Studio is a class designed to help students of homiletics further develop and practice the art form. Each three hour class will begin with a teaching topic from the primary text, and then we will have four to five half-hour segments for students to workshop sermons and get immediate feedback on their work. The goal of the class is to have students get up and preach as frequently as possible, so that they become more comfortable and adept with the art form. The class will seek to create an environment that emphasizes creativity, regular practice, and feedback as the primary means of developing artful and effective sermons.

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