Integrative Seminar

  • SSW IS 100: Professional Development Seminar
    This seminar is required of all students in the Off-Campus, Online and Hybrid programs. The seminar is comprised of three parts, each part focusing on the students' developmental phase while enrolled in MSW program. There are a total of 12 sessions and students enroll in the seminar each semester. The seminar includes a self-paced component and live classroom sessions. The focus of the seminar includes professional development; an overview of the social work profession, its values and ethics; an orientation to, and integration with, field education; an overview of social work professional licensing and career preparation.
  • SSW IS 800: Seminar: Children Youth and Families
    The Children Youth and Families integrative seminar will focus on the multiple systems that affect young people and their families and the best practices to promote their healthy development. Through a variety of methods including presentations from community partners, agency visits, presentations by faculty, and readings, students will be introduced to a number of conceptual frameworks that inform current practice. Over the course of the academic year, students will have the opportunity to apply these frameworks to a topic and project of their choosing, which will demonstrate their competency in advanced clinical, macro, or policy practice with children, youth, and families.
  • SSW IS 801: Seminar: Behavioral Health, Health Care, and Public Health Practice
    The Behavioral Health, Health Care, and Public Health Practice specialization combines theory and skill development to enable MSW graduates to promote health in multiple domains. Students learn to advance health equity as members of inter-disciplinary teams and prepare for professional leadership to assure health systems address social determinants of health, as well as the needs of individuals, families, and communities. Graduates enter the workforce understanding the unique role of social work to enhance prevention and treatment with diverse populations facing multiple challenges in an ever-changing practice environment.
  • SSW IS 805: Foundations in Trauma-Informed Social Work Practice, Programs, & Policy
    The field of trauma has exploded in the last several decades with advances in neurobiology, increased attention to evidence-based and evidence-informed interventions in trauma, and widespread recognition of violence across multiple contexts. Because trauma is a rapidly evolving field, social workers need integrated and cutting edge training to work with and on behalf of diverse populations who are affected by wide ranging traumatic experiences, including gender and race-based violence, interpersonal and/or community violence, natural disasters, combat trauma, and terrorism. Students will learn the foundations of trauma informed and multi-level practice and policy, and apply this knowledge to prevention, intervention, and policy-making to mitigate the impact of violence and trauma on individuals, families, communities and societies. This course is open to macro and clinical practice.