MS in Public Health Nutrition

The Master of Science in Public Health Nutrition provides students with in-depth research training on understanding and promoting public health nutrition through individual-, community-, population-, food systems-, and policy-level approaches. This 32-credit degree builds on fundamental principles of epidemiology, biostatistics, environmental health, and the social determinants of health to prepare graduates to address some of the most complex public health challenges related to nutrition, including obesity, diabetes, food insecurity and unmet needs of vulnerable populations, and the public and environmental health impacts of food systems. Students graduate with a strong understanding of the social, behavioral, and environmental determinants of health, core research skill sets in designing and evaluating nutrition programs and sustainable food systems utilizing multilevel and life-course perspectives, and a variety of methodological, analytic, and advocacy skills primed for research-focused careers devoted to public health nutrition.


Eligible candidates must hold, or be in the process of completing, a bachelor’s degree. A bachelor’s degree must be conferred and students are required to have completed college-level coursework in biology, physiology, statistics, and biostatistics or equivalent before enrolling in our program.

Degree Requirements

Full-time students will earn their graduate degree in one year by enrolling in four courses in each of two semesters. A culminating research experience is completed in the summer to conclude the program. Under faculty mentorship, students will engage in research activity in a variety of ways to integrate and apply the knowledge and skills learned in the classroom to produce scholarly work. All students must complete an integrative paper that combines their program training and professional interests. Part-time students take one or two courses per semester and complete the program in 24 months, on average.

Required Courses

  • SAR HS 551 Human Nutrition Science
  • SPH EP 714 Epidemiologic Methods
  • SAR HS 776 Nutritional Epidemiology or SPH EP 758 Nutritional Epidemiology
  • SPH EH 730 Analytic Methods in Environmental Health Science
  • SAR HS 720 A Lifecourse Approach to Community Nutrition
  • SPH SB 800 Obesity and Society
  • SPH SB 820 Program Assessment or SPH SB 822 Program Evaluation or SPH PH 801 Community‐Engaged Research: Theory, Methods, and Application
  • SPH PH 715 Community Health and Food Systems or MET ML 721 US Food Policy
  • SPH PH 950 Public Health Nutrition Culminating Research Experience or SAR HS 950 Public Health Nutrition Culminating Research Experience