Graduate Certificate in Public Health

The Graduate Certificate in Public Health is comprised of four required courses totaling 16 credits of coursework. The component courses are the core courses for the Master of Public Health (MPH) degree at the School of Public Health (SPH) designed to provide students with key foundational knowledge in public health and enhance students’ professional preparation by highlighting interdisciplinary connections through examples, case studies, and problem-based learning. They are:

  • PH 717 Quantitative Methods for Public Health
  • PH 718 Leadership and Management in Public Health
  • PH 719 Health Systems, Law, and Policy
  • PH 720 Individual, Community, and Population Health

Students must successfully complete all courses, earning minimum required grades according to the School of Public Health grading policy.

Admissions Requirements

The Graduate Certificate in Public Health is open to nondegree students with an earned bachelor’s degree and graduate students at Boston University.

All students apply through SOPHAS Express, and provide:

  • Official transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate schools attended
  • A personal statement describing the student’s desire to complete the graduate certificate
  • Two letters of recommendation (at least one from a faculty member)

Successful graduate candidates will have, in addition:

  • A bachelor’s degree from an accredited university

Standardized test requirements:

  • The Graduate Record Exam (GRE) is not required for admission to the Graduate Certificate in Public Health. Students who subsequently apply for the MPH degree will need to meet stated requirements for the degree at the time of application.

The graduate certificate may be pursued on a full-time basis and completed in one semester, or on a part-time basis and completed over a maximum of two years. Graduate certificate students will join cohorts of MPH degree students in classes, labs, and co-curricular events. Classes are held at the Boston University Medical Campus in Boston’s South End neighborhood. Graduate certificate students pay the prevailing tuition and fees established by Boston University for full-time and part-time status.

Regardless of whether students complete the graduate certificate on a full-time or part-time basis, they will gain a strong foundation of public health knowledge and skills. It is expected that some students will integrate the knowledge and skills learned through the graduate certificate into their other educational preparation. Other students may enroll to enhance their career mobility at their current job or as the first step in applying to the MPH degree at Boston University.

Students who complete the graduate certificate with a plan of applying later to the MPH program must matriculate into the MPH program within three years of the start of their first class in the graduate certificate program. Details for admissions criteria for the MPH program can be found on the SPH website.