MS in Environmental Health Data Analytics

The MS in Environmental Health Data Analytics program provides foundational knowledge in both the environmental health sciences and analytical approaches used to inform environmental policy decisions. Students are required to complete 32 credits of coursework with an emphasis on analytical methodology used in environmental health decision making and policy analysis. Students are trained in risk assessment, health and environmental data analysis, and management, and are prepared for careers in which the effects of environmental exposures are investigated and managed, including in industry; academia; local, state, and federal government agencies; nonprofit organizations; and environmental consulting firms.


Students entering the program must have successfully completed an introductory course in statistics or biostatistics prior to enrolling in the program. Applications from students with no formal coursework in statistics will be considered, and students provisionally accepted will be expected to complete the requirement before the beginning of the program. The prerequisite can be fulfilled by taking a residential or online course and providing appropriate documentation of completion. Essentials of Biostatistics (SPH BS 700) is offered at SPH in August. No previous training in environmental health or biology is required; however, those students without physiology or toxicology coursework will be expected to complete short courses offered online at SPH in August.

Course Requirements

The program can be completed in one year (Fall/Spring/Summer) for full-time students or two years (8 credits per semester, Fall enrollment) for part‐time students.

  • BS 723 Introduction to Statistical Computing (4 cr) or BS 730 Introduction to R (4 cr)
  • EH 730 Methods in Environmental Health Sciences
  • EH 866 Risk Assessment Methods
  • PH 731 Analytical Methods and Management Strategies for Public Health Decision Making
  • EH 875 Case Studies in Environmental Decision Making
  • EH 811 Geographical Information Systems in Public Health (4 cr)
  • EH 872 Environmental Data and Modeling
  • BS 805 Intermediate Statistical Computing & Applied Regression Analysis (4 cr)
  • EH 880 Capstone in Environmental Health and Management (0 cr)