Community Health Sciences

The important contemporary health issues of the 2000’s call for a deep understanding of how we—as individuals, families, and communities—live and act in our social, cultural, economic, and political contexts. In the Department of Community Health Sciences (CHS), we apply both social and behavioral sciences to enhance the health and well-being of communities and promote health equity and racial and social justice.

Our faculty members represent a diversity of scholarly expertise. Among their many interests are sexual and reproductive health, maternal and infant health, mental health and substance use, gun violence and violence against women, LGBTQ health, HIV in vulnerable populations, genomics and public health, high-quality care and access to care for low-income urban populations, connections between health behaviors and social policy, public health interventions within clinical settings (e.g., primary care, pediatric, and emergency departments), adolescent health and development, youth nutrition and obesity prevention, college health, and juvenile justice. In all of these diverse areas of study, CHS faculty translate their science to real-life practice and policy change through publication in the scientific and popular press, the use of social media, and policy advocacy. Our education programs emphasize practice-based, community-engaged, and interactive learning, giving students substantial real-world experience and readiness for the workplace. CHS hosts four BU MPH certificates (Community Assessment, Program Design, Implementation, and Evaluation; Health Communication and Promotion; Maternal and Child Health (MCH); and Mental Health and Substance Use), and we are home to a federally funded MCH Center of Excellence. Faculty maintain strong ties to local, state, and federal public health agencies as well as community and professional organizations throughout the US and globally. The faculty and staff in the Department of Community Health Sciences participate in interdisciplinary master’s and doctoral degrees across SPH.