Withdrawal, Leave of Absence, and Reinstatement

School of Hospitality Administration Policy

A student may voluntarily choose to leave Boston University for a specified period of time, with the expectation of returning to complete the degree program. In this case, the student may request a leave of absence. In addition, a student may choose to withdraw from the University.

A student wishing to withdraw or take a leave of absence must complete a University Leave of Absence Form and file it with the University Service Center, located at 881 Commonwealth Avenue. Exit interviews will be conducted with students who visit or phone the Dean’s Office. It is requested that the student also notify a staff member from their school. If a refund or credit on a paid tuition is due, the amount refunded or credited is computed with reference to the date of the student’s first notification of intent to withdraw—whether by phone, walk-in, or letter.

Undergraduate students who leave Boston University voluntarily without notifying the University for one or more semesters must address a written request for reinstatement to the SHA Academic Counseling Office eight weeks before the start of the semester. Students who officially transfer to another institution and subsequently wish to return must apply for regular transfer admission through Admissions.