Science Education

Programs Offered

The Science Education Program focuses on preparing effective pre-service and in-service teachers and education researchers. Emphasis is on preparing educators and leaders in science education who are knowledgeable about the content and process of their discipline, well informed about the current trends in science education, and equipped to grow with the changes in educational research and technology of the twenty-first century.

The Science Education Program values a rich, multifaceted emphasis on science content and teaching strategies across disciplines. This includes an integrated focus through programs such as the Global Ecology Education (GEE) certificate and Project ITOP (Improving the Teaching of Physics). GEE addresses the science behind global warming and the need for preparing educators who can prepare youth for a future where human beings can act more compatibility with the Earth. ITOP addresses the particular need for qualified physics teachers by offering courses for in-service teachers. These courses are also open to graduate students and provide rich opportunities for pre-service teachers to learn alongside veteran teachers.

The program also plays an active role in service to SED and the greater community through programs such as sedGreen and the CityLab Mobile Laboratory programs.

sedGreen is a unique collective of students, faculty, and staff who meet regularly and devote time to making SED and the University overall more sustainable and energy-efficient. Accomplishments in the past five years include having solar panels installed on the SED roof (the first school in the University to do so), establishing a “Powering Down—Greening Up” campaign to have electrical power use reduced, and establishing the University’s most successful recycling program.

CityLab is a biotechnology-learning laboratory science education outreach program for middle and high school students. With labs at the Boston University School of Medicine and the School of Education as well as its mobile laboratory, CityLab offers pre-service science educators unique opportunities to work with a diversity of students in a rich classroom/laboratory setting.

Science Education is also involved in the Nature and Me: Explorations in Ecology program in collaboration with Boston Public Schools and the Arnold Arboretum. The program brings middle school children from Boston schools out into nature settings centered on a journal-making, literacy-building curriculum. The program has opportunities for undergraduates and graduates to be directly involved in periodically working with the children and their teachers.