Graduate Certificate in Physical Education, Health Education & Coaching (online)

Changes to this program will take effect in the 2016–2017 academic year.

This program is on a moratorium until further notice. We are not accepting applications at this time.

The 16-credit all-online certificate in Physical Education, Health Education & Coaching provides students a foundation of knowledge and teaching methods, as well as research and theories in physical education, health education, and coaching. The certificate is designed for individuals who work with children or adults in physical education, physical activity, health, and coaching settings, from school, nonprofit organizations, recreational settings, and a wide variety of amateur and other coaching situations.

Whether one is licensed in physical education or health education, a first-year youth sports coach, a classroom teacher who wants to learn about physical activity, a recent graduate from college, or someone seeking professional development to enter a new field related to sports and physical activity, this certificate provides graduate-level professional development.

All classes are offered in a sequence online and all or some of the credits may be applied to a degree program, depending on the program the student chooses to enter. It is important to note that degree students cannot register for the online classes without permission from their advisor and only those in the certificate program are eligible for the online classes. A student may not be registered in two programs at one time. For more information see the Graduate Certificate in Physical Education, Health Education & Coaching section of the Distance Education website.