EdM in Health Education

The School of Education no longer admits students to the master’s in Health Education. Students who are continuing in this program should note the following degree requirements.

Licensure Track (Grades K–12)

The school health education sequence prepares students to teach health education at both the elementary and secondary school level. This sequence is a Massachusetts state-approved licensure program.

Core Coursework (28 cr)

  • SED ED 500/501 Foundations of Educational Practices/Lab (6 cr)
  • SED DS 502 Adolescent Development (2 cr)
  • SED PE 502 Movement/Physical Activity (2 cr)
  • SED HE 722 Development of the Health Curriculum (4 cr)
  • SED RS 600 Introduction to Research (4 cr)
  • SED PE 513 Practical Applications for PE and HE—Pre-Practicum (4 cr)
  • SED HE 720 Selected Problems in Health Education (4 cr)
  • SED SE 510 Special Education: Curriculum and Instruction (2 cr)

    Practicum (8 cr)

    SED HE 554 Health Education Student Teaching
    Students participate in a practicum experience under the direction of a licensed supervising practitioner.

    Additional Requirements for Licensure

    • A minimum of one class in human anatomy/physiology (taken prior to entry into the program or before graduation)
    • An updated certificate in basic first aid and CPR

    Non-Licensure Track

    The community health education sequence addresses the broad range of services offered to communities through health agencies, hospitals, rehabilitation organizations, neighborhood centers, and community action programs. This non-licensure sequence provides students with an academic background in health behavior theory, designing and implementing health interventions as well as a variety of health-related topics.

    Core Coursework (16 cr)

    • SED RS 600 Introduction to Research (4 cr)
    • Any three graduate-level (500 or above) Health Education classes (numbered SED HE 5XX) (12 cr)


    Graduate-level courses, approved by the student’s academic advisor, complete the remaining credits (at least 20) for the EdM.

    The following are related electives students may consider.

    • SED HE 522 Community Health (4 cr)
    • SED HE 523 Applied Nutrition (4 cr)
    • SED HE 724 Sexuality, Culture and Human Development (2 cr)
    • SED HE 720 Selected Problems in Health Education (4 cr)
    • SED SB 721 Social and Behavioral Sciences for Public Health (4 cr)
    • SED PE 515 Institute on Physical Fitness (4 cr)
    • SED PE 505 Foundations of Sport Science (2 cr)
    • SED PE 705 Analysis of Teaching (4 cr)
    • SED EM 640 Multimedia Presentations for Educators (4 cr)