National Board Dental Examinations

School of Dental Medicine Policy

National Board Dental Examinations (NBDE) Parts I and II are national, standardized, comprehensive computer-based examinations of a student’s knowledge in biomedical, behavioral, and clinical sciences relevant to dentistry. The examinations are measures of student progress as compared with other dental students nationally. It should be noted that these examinations do not necessarily reflect all of the teachings of an individual school, and the examinations may also challenge students on content outside of the curriculum of a given school. Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine (SDM) prepares students to challenge these examinations as part of their dental curriculum. However, it is ultimately the responsibility of each student to direct and manage his or her learning efforts to prepare for the examinations.

Passing NBDE Parts I and II is a requirement for dental licensure in the United States. Within SDM, students in the four-year DMD program must challenge the Part I Examination as a condition for promotion into their third year. Similarly, all students (four-year DMD and two-year Advanced Standing) must challenge the Part II Examination as a condition for graduation.

Information about eligibility requirements, deadlines, and study strategies is available from the SDM Academic Affairs office. Information about the application process can also be obtained from Academic Affairs or directly from the National Board website.