Personal Conduct

Sargent College Policy

The mission of Sargent College is to advance, preserve, disseminate, and apply knowledge in the health and rehabilitation sciences. Sargent College strives to create an environment that fosters critical and innovative thinking to best serve the health care needs of society. This sense of community is made possible only through full participation of all members of the Sargent College community. A key expectation of this community of scholars, educators, practitioners, and students is the adherence to the highest standards of professional and ethical behavior.

Academic performance is one indicator of success for Sargent College students. Students are also expected to demonstrate professional behavior, to accept responsibility for their actions, and to expect the same from their peers. Professional behavior is expected across environments, whether the student is engaged in clinical practice, classroom instruction, peer or faculty interaction, or research or laboratory activities. Students must know and comply with the specified rules for each of their academic and clinical experiences.

Students are evaluated on professional behavior in addition to academic performance. Failure to meet the standards for professional behavior may result in dismissal from the program. The specific responsibilities of students are outlined in the manual for each academic program of study.