Counseling: EdM

The Master of Education (EdM) Program is available to individuals who have completed bachelor’s degrees in accredited colleges and universities throughout the world. While evidence of commitment to human service is a prerequisite, it is not necessary to have majored in the social or behavioral sciences.

Your area of specialization will determine the specific coursework required for completion of the EdM program in Counseling; however, all students will complete the core counseling curriculum in a minimum of 60 credit hours, as well as 700 hours of clinical training, which will include a pre-practicum and practicum experience in the spring of their first year and a 600-hour clinical placement in their second year. Preliminary advising from your academic advisor and the program coordinator of your track prior to registering is encouraged. Diverse, approved electives drawn from across the University can be suggested for individual students who have interest in special settings or forms of counseling.

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