Transfer of Undergraduate Credit from US Institutions

Approved by the University Council October 15, 2014; effective immediately for students matriculating at BU in spring 2015 and after

Boston University grants transfer credit based on the content, level, and comparability of the courses taken, the applicability of the courses to fulfilling degree requirements of the student’s intended course of study, the performance quality of the student in the courses, and the accreditation of the institution at which the work was completed. Credits to be considered for transfer to Boston University must be submitted for evaluation within one year of matriculation. Some schools and colleges may have earlier deadlines. Current students wishing to undertake coursework at another US institution must have the courses pre-approved.

For credits transferred from a college or university in the United States, Boston University will consider only courses completed at an institution that has been fully accredited by one of the six regional accrediting agencies (e.g., the New England Association of Schools and Colleges).

Credit is allowed only for:

  • those courses in which a grade of C or better was earned. Courses taken on a “pass/fail” or “satisfactory/unsatisfactory” basis will not be considered for credit.
  • courses that resemble courses offered at Boston University in nature, level, and content.

Credit will not be granted for:

  • courses deemed as vocational, remedial, physical education, or ROTC courses.
  • coursework that duplicates coursework for which credit has already been received.

Credits received five or more years before a student’s matriculation will not be accepted without additional review of current applicability.

Credit for specific Boston University courses will be granted where Boston University faculty have determined that the content and level of the course taken elsewhere is substantially equivalent to a specific Boston University course. Otherwise, general or elective credit may be granted; these credits may be used to fulfill degree requirements upon approval by the appropriate school or college.

A maximum of 80 (semester) credits will be accepted in transfer.

Additional Considerations

Only credits are accepted in transfer. Grades do not transfer and do not affect the student’s cumulative GPA at Boston University or appear on the Boston University transcript.

Credits from institutions on a system other than the semester system are converted to semester credits.

Petition for Reconsideration

Students who do not initially receive credit for a particular course taken at another institution may petition through the University Registrar for reconsideration. Appeals must be made in the student’s first year of enrollment at Boston University.

High School/Dual Enrollment

Coursework completed under a high school/dual enrollment program is subject to the following rules:

  • Any college courses used to fulfill high school graduation requirements are not eligible for credit at Boston University.
  • The college or university where the coursework was done must be a fully accredited institution.
  • The course must correspond to a course offered by Boston University, or be deemed equivalent in rigor.
  • A grade of C or better must have been earned.
  • The course must be part of the normal curriculum published in the college’s Bulletin.
  • The course must be open to enrollment by, and graded in direct competition with, regularly matriculated undergraduates at that institution.

In order to seek credit for college-level work completed prior to matriculation (pre-college credit) into an undergraduate program, students must:

  • Request that the external college or university send an official college or university transcript and course syllabus to the University Registrar for transfer credit evaluation.
  • The high school sponsoring the dual enrollment must certify that the course(s) under consideration for transfer credit did not fulfill high school degree requirements.
  • The transfer of credit will be determined per the policy on Transfer of Undergraduate Credit from US Institutions.

Transfer Credit from Boston-Area Institutions inside the Route 128 Perimeter

Boston University students may not satisfy program requirements through the transfer of credit earned in the summer offerings of other institutions located within the Greater Boston area unless:

a) the credit involved is for a required course not offered through Boston University’s summer term;


b) prior approval has been obtained from both the responsible department chair and dean of the requesting student.