Graduate Certificate in Criminal Justice

Available on campus and online, the Graduate Certificate in Criminal Justice at Boston University’s Metropolitan College is designed to provide the foundational knowledge of criminal justice needed to face contemporary criminal justice challenges and lead reforms. This certificate combines theory, ethics, and research to prepare students to effectively manage and assess criminal justice policies and programs. Ideal candidates for this certificate would be individuals currently holding, or who seek to hold, policymaking positions in the field of criminal justice, as well as professionals whose work intersects with matters of criminal justice policy, such as social workers, mental health practitioners, journalists, and public health professionals.

Students who complete the Graduate Certificate in Criminal Justice will be able to demonstrate:

  • Advanced knowledge of, and ability to evaluate, criminological and criminal justice theories and their implications for public policy and practice.
  • Proficiency in research design and quantitative and qualitative analysis related to evaluation of criminal justice practices, programs, and policies, and to the etiology of crime in applied settings.
  • Competence sufficient to evaluate and resolve the ethical issues in criminal justice practice and implement, manage, and lead organizational changes to prevent or respond effectively to them.
  • An ability to synthesize, evaluate, recognize implications, and communicate effectively using scholarly sources of information connected to crime theory and policy.
  • An understanding of leadership theories and skills as they pertain to managing and leading criminal justice organizations.

Admissions Information

For current admissions information, please visit the Metropolitan College website.

Required Courses

(four courses/16 credits)

  • MET CJ 570 Criminology and Public Policy
  • MET CJ 571 Criminal Justice Administration and Ethics
  • MET CJ 590 Research and Evaluation Methods

One elective from the following list:

  • MET CJ 511 Rehabilitation and Re-Integration
  • MET CJ 520 Violence and Trauma
  • MET CJ 591 Applied Analytical Methods
  • MET CJ 601 History of Criminal Justice
  • MET CJ 610 Cybercrime
  • MET CJ 612 Crime and Intelligence Analysis
  • MET CJ 625 Victimology
  • MET CJ 631 Youth Crime Problems
  • MET CJ 632 White-Collar Crime
  • MET CJ 650 Terrorism
  • MET CJ 656 Forensic Criminal Investigation
  • MET CJ 660 Gender and Justice
  • MET CJ 701 Crime and Punishment
  • MET CJ 710 Applied Digital Forensic Investigation
  • MET CJ 711 Criminal Justice Policy and Planning
  • MET CJ 720 Trauma and Crisis Intervention
  • MET CJ 725 Forensic Behavior Analysis
  • MET CJ 750 Policing in a Democratic Society
  • MET CJ 775 Seminar in the Law and Criminal Procedure
  • MET CJ 801 Special Project in Criminal Justice