Graduate Certificate in Applied Sustainability

The Graduate Certificate in Applied Sustainability provides a unique interdisciplinary perspective on what it takes to make urban and economic development compatible with the natural environment. The coursework guides students through the foundations of ecology; current theories of sustainability; methods for optimizing important resources such as energy and water; building management techniques; and the politics, law, and economics of the global green movement.

This certificate is appropriate for individuals currently in roles as sustainability professionals as well as those seeking to enter this expanding and high-demand field. Architects, facilities managers, city planners, and IT experts have the opportunity to fill gaps in their existing knowledge, whereas those just beginning careers in these and related fields will gain the foundation to make green thinking central to their work from the outset.

The Graduate Certificate in Applied Sustainability can be earned as a stand-alone certificate or combined with the Master of Urban Affairs and Master of City Planning degree programs. Credits for UA courses within this certificate program may be applied to the Master of Urban Affairs or Master of City Planning degree programs, but not to other certificate programs. Students who earn a grade lower than C in a certificate course must retake that class and earn a grade of C or higher for it to count toward the certificate. Applicants to the program are required to have a bachelor’s degree. Some courses may have additional prerequisites.


A total of four courses (16 credits) are required and distributed as follows:

Foundation Courses (two courses/8 credits)

  • MET UA 617 Actionable Sustainability
  • MET UA 627 Sustainable Cities

Elective Courses (two courses/8 credits)

The two elective courses can be selected per student interest from a list of pre-approved courses, across different disciplines, offered at Metropolitan College and University-wide. Additional courses may be approved in consultation with the academic advisor. A complete list of approved electives for the certificate can be obtained from the department.