Special Topics in Sociology

MET SO 501

SO501 is the designation for "Special Topics in Sociology". The subject matter for SO501 courses changes from semester to semester, and more than one SO501 can be offered in a given semester. For additional information, please contact the MET Applied Social Sciences Department.

Fall 2018, SO501 D1: "Developing Sustainable Communities." This course is designed to explore the many challenges of achieving sustainable development through a coherent and thought provoking overview of moves towards developing sustainable communities. The course will focus on improving the quality of people's lives, on disinvested communities and on the inequitable distribution of income, wealth, and environmental hazards. It will investigate the theory of sustainable development and ask about the principles, tools, and techniques, of moving towards the ecological integrity, economic security, empowerment, responsibility and social well being characteristics of sustainable communities. Case studies will be drawn from around the world.

Note that this information may change at any time. Please visit the Student Link for the most up-to-date course information.