Advanced Biomedical Research Laboratory Techniques

GMS BT 482

This course will focus on more advanced laboratory skills that students would benefit from as they prepare for a career in the biomedical sciences. The course emphasizes the theoretical as well as the applied aspects of advanced research techniques in the biomedical sciences. The course is reinforced with applied, hands-on laboratory sessions that would provide practical experience in the topics covered in the preceding lectures. The majority of class time will be designed to provide students with ample hands-on time in the lab to practice their skills in the presence of the course instructor. The course will focus on providing students with a set of specialized laboratory skills, such as advanced cell culture practices, protein purification, and biospecimen processing and imaging. Students will also be educated in research methodology, data analysis, and data presentation. Topics covered include: transfections; reporter assays and a variety of optical assays; chromatography, electrophoresis and blotting techniques; dissection, tissue preservation techniques, and photomicroscopy. Students, even those with some previous laboratory hands-on experience, will benefit from this course because of its combined focus on the theoretical and applied aspects of advance laboratory techniques/methods.

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