LLM in Intellectual Property Law

The LLM in Intellectual Property Law Program provides fundamental and advanced training in intellectual property law at one of America’s premier law schools for intellectual property studies. The emphasis of the program is on the core doctrines of copyright, patent, trademark, and unfair competition, with expansive electives in such areas as digital technology and electronic networks, biotechnology, entertainment law, and technology commercialization.

The program faculty includes the School of Law’s full-time professors and experienced practitioners from Boston’s boutique firms and technology companies, who bring practical experience to the classroom.

Degree Requirements

The LLM in Intellectual Property Law Program is designed to be completed in one academic year of full-time study and follows the school’s JD calendar, with classes beginning in late August and ending in May.

To earn the LLM in Intellectual Property Law, students must:

  • Complete a minimum of 24 credit hours—with at least 10 credits a semester
  • Obtain a final weighted average of at least 2.30 (C+)
  • Take three of the four core courses—Intellectual Property, Copyright, Patents, and Trademark & Unfair Competition. (The director may waive the core course requirement for students who have sufficiently completed essentially similar work at another law school.)
  • Participate in a three-credit Intellectual Property LLM Workshop Series during the spring semester of study.

Domestic-Trained Students

Domestic-trained students must complete their 24 credits in intellectual property and related classes.

Foreign-Trained Students

Candidates with foreign law degrees must take Introduction to American Law and a legal research & writing seminar (unless waived with the permission of the director), each for 2 credits in the Fall Semester. Foreign-trained students must complete their remaining 20 credits from intellectual property and related classes.