Legal English Certificate

  • LAW LE 651: Academic Skills for U.S. Law Studies I
    This course will cover the study skills and strategies needed to succeed in an English-language law program in the United States. The focus will be on strengthening study skills and listening and speaking effectively. Students will work on listening strategies that will help them to handle lectures and discussions from various disciplines, including taking coherent notes and writing summaries of and responses to complex questions about the listenings. Students will also work on speaking strategies that will allow them to participate fully in academic life at law school, including interacting with classmates and professors, participating in class discussions, and giving effective oral presentations.
  • LAW LE 652: Introduction to U.S. Legal Culture
    This course will provide a foundational understanding of general American legal concepts, history, culture, and profession, including professional responsibility. Students will engage in reading and classroom discussion of assigned materials (consisting of cases, articles, fiction, excerpts, etc) that will be supplemented by field trips to state and federal courts and other relevant venues.
  • LAW LE 653: Legal English II
    Building upon Legal English I, this course further enhances student Legal English communication skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Students continue to sharpen these skills with greater emphasis on legal materials and related substantive vocabulary.
  • LAW LE 654: Legal Writing
    This course description is currently under construction.
  • LAW LE 655: Persuasive Legal Advocacy
    Designed as a complement to the Legal Writing class, this course will develop students' persuasive advocacy skills through hands-on practice in oral and written communication, including effective presentation, listening, and writing skills. Through simulations and role plays, it will train students in the art of effective advocacy. We will focus on three major projects: (1) a law partnership negotiation, contract and presentation; (2) client counseling and written communications; and (3) a full-scale mock trial.
  • LAW LE 656: Topics in American Law
    This course engages students around current legal topics to further develop their listening and writing skills. Topics include civil liberties, unlawful search and seizure, the right to privacy, gender discrimination, and prisoner's rights.