Lawyering Lab

LAW JD 607

Lawyering Lab is an intensive, four-day course required of all first-year law students. Lawyering Lab provides hands-on, practical training in the context of a business deal, giving students the opportunity to practice a variety of skills under conditions that simulate the realities of day-to-day practice, including time constraints. These skills include negotiation, client counseling, problem-solving, professionalism, public presentation, and teamwork. Students also have an opportunity for self-reflection and evaluation. Students are grouped into small teams and assigned to represent a client on either side of a transaction. Under faculty supervision, teams on both sides of the transaction identify the legal constraints and opportunities presented. Students then collaborate with their teammates to identify, assess, and recommend options for action to their client. After counseling their client on a course of action, students negotiate and draft contractual provisions with opposing counsel. The deadlines for class assignments are tight, as they usually are for lawyers seeking to respond with immediacy to particular client problems. Through the expertise and guidance of the instructors, collaborative exercises with peers, and exposure to some of the day-to-day elements of lawyering, students in the Lawyering Lab learn about law and legal practice in a way that is exciting, innovative, and participant-centered. 1 credit, P/F.

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