Intellectual Property for the Generalist: A Practical Skills Simulation

LAW AM 791

This 3-credit course will provide a pragmatic, hands-on, practice-oriented course for generalists, the part-time IP practitioner, and those planning a career in IP Law. Students will learn foundational principles of IP, with an emphasis on pragmatic skills development for advising clients and company personnel on best practices for protecting and getting the most out of emerging, software-centric technologies and innovations. The course will address identifying the best form of IP for protecting your company's or clients' most valued innovations; unique IP characteristics of emerging technologies; performing an audit of your company or clients' IP plan; and developing a playbook for implementing an IP Protection Plan to secure and optimize the company crown jewels. Grades will be based on graded assignments, paper or exam, good faith completion of ungraded assignments, and class participation. GRADING NOTICE: This course does not offer the CR/NC/H option. ATTENDANCE REQUIREMENT: Because the course involves regular in-class exercises, some of which are done in teams, and class participation is a significant component of a student's final grade, regular class attendance is essential and thus the course normally does not accommodate flexibility in attendance.

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