Effective Writing (LLM): The Lawyer's Craft (S)

LAW AM 706

There is no such thing as a good lawyer who is not also a good writer. Whether you are writing a court document, a legal development update, a settlement agreement, or a simple internal email to colleagues, your ability to make proper decisions about tone, style, language and organization will play a big role in your effectiveness as a practitioner and overall professional identity. This seminar will focus on the best practices for effective writing across a broad range of legal communications. Weekly assignments will build upon -- but not overlap with -- the fall semester Legal Research and Writing seminar's assignments. Students will be exposed to a range of writing styles and approaches suitable for different audiences. Assignments will focus on the craft of writing and effective expression, not on substantive legal issues or legal research and may include such work products as lawyer-to-lawyer letters, informal client advisories, internal communications and official submissions to government agencies. Students will receive direct individual feedback on their assignments. Enrollment is limited to 14 LLM in American Law Program students who are not enrolled in Professor Sugarman's "Advanced Legal Writing for LLMs: The Essentials for Bar Exam Writing and Beyond."

Note that this information may change at any time. Please visit the Student Link for the most up-to-date course information.